storage racksMezzanine Floor Specialists are companies that handle all things associated with mezzanine flooring like construction, installation and supply, and since they specialize in such services, the client can be sure of acquiring the proper solution to suit their requirements.  It is basically a Raised platform that is supported by columns using appropriate materials nevertheless steel is the most popular and hottest substance. The platform that is created using these columns is completely independent of the host building, and enables additional floor space from wasted air space over existing work or storage areas.

They are used to create additional office, storage or even retail area within another building, which could create double or even triple the quantity of space available. The mezzanine platform singapore floors can provide the most cost efficient and effective way of significantly increasing storage capacity and floor area, and are a fast and efficient way to produce rapid relocation with minimal disruption to the regular processes of running a busy firm. They are available in any size, and may be as little as 2m x 2m and bigger than 60m x 40m, and or even higher than 6m. Some clients require special needs and mezzanine flooring specialists can provide custom built floors to meet a customer’s needs.

The flooring can be one, two or three tiers high, and may have special or standard staircase fitted to them to allow access to the flooring. They might have handrails or portioning barriers for security purposes, and also have access gate or lifts integrated into them for the transport of heavy goods. The flooring used in Mezzanine floor construction is vitally important, and might be steel or wood decking that could be finished in an assortment of colors, or if desired they may be completely encased, in fact the choices are almost limitless. There are no standard Sizes of mezzanine floors nevertheless there is an optimum grid size, which refers to the space between the columns or legs. This grid size is in multiples of 3.5m x 4m with 2.4m apparent to the bottom of the structure, and the planned use of this flooring will dictate the loading requirement.

The Loading requirements are often:

  • 70lbs per square ft. of office space
  • 100lbs per square Ft. for light to moderate storage
  • 150lbs per square ft. for heavy duty storage or wheeled traffic

Whilst these loading Requirements are usually recognized, much higher loadings could be accommodated by custom layout.


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