Delhi Police Recruitment – Improving the Quality of Policing in India during Shared Service Centers

The argument rages on the poor quality of policing in India highlighted by the recent incident of sexual attack and subsequent death of a paramedical student in Delhi. The news anchors have participated ex-policemen, civil and social activists, attorneys, students, women associations and politicians strengthen law and order and to articulate deterrence.

To begin with we need to evaluate the core tasks of authorities in India as detailed below for easy comprehension:

Prevention of crime:

  • detection and investigation
  • collation of intelligence
  • safety for VIP’s
  • patrolling in border regions and railways
  • track and prevent smuggling and drug trafficking

Aside from the aforementioned the authorities functions as a support to intelligence agencies such as Research and Analysis Wing RAW, Central Bureau of Investigation CBI, Intelligence Bureau IB and Criminal Investigation Department CID etc. to uphold law and order.

Govt Jobs

We need to take a glimpse as listed below:

Investigate offences that are economic:

  • track and cure episodes of domestic violence
  • counselor and solve social conflicts
  • monitor traffic alternatives
  • support disaster recovery and management methods
  • manage reporting systems
  • Execute personnel management leaves, traveling allowance etc.
  • invent and implement responsibility allocation system
  • protect environmental laws
  • handle the facilities
  • support the information technology systems
  • upgrade the Bulletin Boards
  • documentation of reports and question
  • collection of fines and issue of challis/receipts

The absence of standard operating procedures helped by repetitive and manual tasks has led on effectiveness and the efficiency of Delhi Police Recruitment. Because of this the cops exhibit low levels of involvement going by reports in the media and are stressed.

To Start with the service facilities could be leveraged in the following work areas:

  • Facilities Management
  • Data Services
  • Information Technology IT
  • Administration
  • Traffic Systems
  • Disaster Recovery and Management

The first step would be to engage with heads of authorities, legal institutions experts and government bodies. The next step would be to specify a workable working model centers voice, chat, email, SMS including return on investments. The third step will cause building a team of professionals to set the service centre. A proof of concept constitutes the measure and centered upon the work area within a town. The fifth step is to set up the change management that is right within the taxpayers and the police force. As described in the proof of concept the final step would entail the evaluation of achievement measures.

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