Whilst summer is a joy for holidays, fine weather and ice-creams at every opportunity, it can be a little challenging to know what to wear to the office – especially if yours has the ‘smart casual’ guideline that can be interpreted in so many ways!

genuine heatwave

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How do you stay cool in the office whilst looking fashionable and professional? These outfit ideas will give you some inspiration.

1. A linen suit

If you love to wear a suit but don’t want to feel hot and constricted, try a linen or linen-blend suit. The fit will be looser and the finish can always be a little rumpled thanks to the nature and look of the fabric. You’ll stay cool but look smart at the same time. Combine it with some suede sneakers and dress down the look if you wish with a polo shirt underneath.

2. A tropical shirt

Embrace summer with a tropical shirt in a short-sleeve button-down style. Combine it with suede shoes and stretch chinos in a neutral shade for a look that manages to be both fun and smart. You may even get a genuine heatwave to rock the look in!

genuine heatwave

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3. Dress up denim

Black or dark-wash denim can look professional and smart and will look great with a smart printed shirt and suede boots. The look will be sharp and fashionable, with a touch of edge about it. Just keep your denim fitted and avoid high-fashion touches such as rips or fades.

4. Simple combos

A combination of plain dark jeans, comfortable but smart city sneakers and a lightweight button-down shirt is always a winner in a smart casual office and naturally laid back. Add a blazer for any meetings. This look will also translate perfectly towards happy hour!

5. Chinos and short sleeves

Light chinos look great and are comfortable. Combine them with wingtip shoes for a refined and preppy look, and a short-sleeve, well-fitting polo shirt. You’ll find these in the Farah Clothes range in the latest colours and designer cuts. Find out more at Farah from EJ Menswear.

6. Classic blazer and Oxford shirt

For a smarter look, choose a blazer with chinos and a classic Oxford shirt. Choose a lightweight blazer made from linen or cotton, and select an unstructured or unlined finish so that you stay cool.

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